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BUD-PROJEKT Construction & Design Company was established in March in 1998 . The main business scope of the Company is a complex completion of industrial facilities from a design made by experienced engineering designers through materials delivery to professional assembly and installation. We compete successfully on the building market as both the prime contractor and an accomplisher of certain construction work. Due to our experienced technical and engineering staff and qualified crew, the Company accomplishes the entrusted assignments in a sound manner and on time.

We have modern equipment which affects the efficiency of work organisation as well as its quality. We have our own factory of steel construction as one of the few companies in the Middle Pomerania. We are able to meet our customers' needs as quickly as possible through our close cooperation with the material suppliers we have signed trade contracts with. Our construction completion is highly assessed which can be proved by a number of letters of reference and recommendations. 


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Bud-Projekt - From project to execution!

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